Axe 1 : nanospectroscopie (Nanospectroscopy)

Leading Scientist: Pierre-Michel Adam


Participating Scientists:

Jean-Louis Bijeon, Pierre-Michel Adam, Davy Gérard, Rodolphe Jaffiol, Jérôme Plain, Thomas Maurer, Anne-Laure Baudrion-Béal, Elena Ionescu, Julien Proust, Jérôme Martin, Renaud Bachelot, Christophe Couteau.

These science topics are viewed in two ways. The first concerns all spectroscopic techniques at the nanometer scale, which includes measurement of ensemble of nano-sized objects, the detection of single nano-objects and techniques with sub-wavelength spatial resolution. The second is the understanding of the physical and physico-chemical mechanisms at the nanoscale, either for objects of nanometric sizes, single or coupled, or for nanostructured surfaces.

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Jean-Louis Bijeon
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