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08 / 09 / 2016
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Conférence EMP16

Du 10 juillet 2016 au 13 juillet 2016

The LNIO is organizing an international conference that will take place in Troyes from July10 to July13 2016, in the auditorium of the modern art museum (100 seats): emp16.utt.fr

EMP16 follows the successful EMP15 conference that took place in Shenzhen, China, in July 2015.
The aim of this conference is to provide a platform for academics, scientists, business leaders, innovators, and industrialists around the world to exchange ideas and form collaborations to jointly fight energy crisis, and combat global warming and climate change. In particular, the conference concerns the broad area of energy photonics, an emerging area in applying photonics in high efficiency energy production, utilization, and related material researches supporting these applications.

The UNESCO is involved! The UNESCO Chair in Renewable Energies MATECSS (Materials and Technologies for Energy Conversion, Saving and Storage) will participate in the event. The mission of this Chair, hosted at the INRS in Montreal, Canada, is to expand the expertise in renewable energy materials and technologies within countries from the global South. More info on www.matecss.org

More than 55 invited talks will be given by great scientists who come from all over the world. (see http://emp16.utt.fr/invited_speakers.htm).