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Jérôme PLAIN
Jérôme Plain graduated in Physics (1998) and completed his PhD (europeus doctor) in Physics (2001) at the University of Poitiers and the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He is now full professor of physics at the University of technology of Troyes. In recent years, his interests were mainly focused on metal nanostructures and their applications.


2011-present     Full Professor

University of technology of Troyes, France

2008-2011     Associate Professor

University of technology of Troyes, France

2005-2008     Assistant Professor

University of technology of Troyes, France 

2004-2005    Postdoctoral research associate

University of technology of Troyes, France

2002-2004    Postdoctoral research associate

Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium

2001-2002    Postdoctoral research associate

University of  Tours, France

1998-2001    Research Assistant

Barcelona Institute of Material Sciences, Spain 



2008 Habilitation, Nanotechnology, Nanooptics

University of technology of Compiègne, France

Thesis: "Control of the physical properties of matter by nanostructuration"

2001    Ph.D. with European Label, Solid state physic and Materials Science

Poitiers University, France and Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain

Thesis: “Microstructural effects on vortex pinning in YBCO”

Major: Composite materials, Structural defect engineering, Vortex matter

1998    Master in Statistical Physics

Cergy Pontoise University, France

Thesis: “Study of the Bose glass transition in presence of correlated disorder”

Major: Vortex matter, statistical physics

1996    M.Sc in Physics

Tours University, France

Thesis: “Numerical study of the chaotic behavior of a 2D Hamiltonian”

Major: Physics


Selected publications

- Plain, J., Pallandre, A., Nysten, B., Jonas, A.M. ; Small, vol.2, pp. 892-897 (2006). “Nanotemplated crystallization of organic molecules”
- Ibn El Ahrach, H., Bachelot, R., Vial, A., Lérondel, G., Plain, J., Royer, P., Soppera, O. Physical Review Letters, 98 (10), 107402 (2007), “Spectral degeneracy breaking of the plasmon resonance of single metal nanoparticles by nanoscale near-field photopolymerization”
- Gabriel, S., Jérôme, C., Jérôme, R., Fustin, C.A., Pallandre, A., Plain, J., Jonas, A.M., Duwez, A.-S. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 129 (27), pp. 8410-8411. “One-step polymer grafting from silicon nitride SPM probes: From isolated chains to brush regime”
- Juan M.L. Plain J, Bachelot R., Royer P, Gray S.K. and Wiederrecht G.P.  Appl. Phys. Lett.  93 153304 (2008) “Stochastic model for photoinduced surface relief grating formation through molecular transport in polymer films“

- P Viste, J Plain, R Jaffiol, A Vial, PM Adam, P Royer, ACS nano 4 (2), 759-764, "Enhancement and quenching regime in metal-semiconductor hybrid optical nanosources"

- J Martin, J Proust, D Gérard, J Plain, Optical Materials Express 3 (7), 954-959, "Localized surface plasmon resonances in the ultraviolet from large scale nanostructured aluminum films"


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